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#8 Center
Hat Trick
6'-3", 210 lbs
Grand Forks, ND


Hat Trick is one of Lone Tree's original core members. He's been both a team leader and fan favorite from the beginning! Hat Trick's solid play and team dedication, both on and off the ice, earned him the team's first Hockeybutt Award in 1999. He has earned numerous other awards during his career, such as: Best Ass 1998, Floater Award 1999 (for his commitment to the fast break (a.k.a. suckhole)), and the Open Net Award 2000 for his lack of ability to bury the puck into a goalie-less goal!!


Hat Trick brings size, speed, and canny play-making ability to the line-up. His shooting skills boast a girl-like change-up that often fools goaltenders with its unconventional slowness. Since he can score in virtually any situation, Hat Trick has dedicated his skills to the second line. He understands the importance of working with the younger players and helps them build the confidence needed to play up to Lone Tree standards.


Aside from hockey, Hat Trick enjoys spending time with his wife, but if shes not around, he'll grab some beef jerky and a dozen or so of his 150 favorite beers, head for the couch, and settle in for a Mystery Alaska, Slap Shot, and Youngblood movie marathon!


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